My wish is for you to walk away from our interludes with only amazing memories of our time together. I have had regular and celebrity clients, but the one thing that is constant, is that I ask all gentlemen to familiarize yourself with the following rules and etiquette so that our experience can be as incredible as possible!

Communications: For initial contact, please fill in my booking form or send me an email. Please be a gentleman in our communications, first impressions are important. Whilst creativity is encouraged to build our chemistry, explicit or vulgar language will not be tolerated.

Booking Ahead: Although I will accommodate bookings on shorter notice depending on my availability, contacting me one week or longer before our date is preferable and appreciated. I do require a deposit for all dates, and deposits can be made through PayPal or Zelle.

Screening: To help ensure my safety and our compatibility, all new friends will need to be discreetly screened. I do require 2 references from reputable companions. Any information used during my screening process is purely for verification purposes and will not be stored or shared.  

Consideration: My rates are non-negotiable. My donation should be ready in an unsealed envelope, magazine/book, or card, and placed onto a table in plain sight at the start of our date. If we are meeting in public, this can be in a small gift bag. It’s never sexy to have to ask!

Hygiene: I am fully vaccinated, always groomed and presentable, and ask the same of you. Please be freshly showered with clean hands and fresh breath. If you’re coming to see me after a long day, I have a clean shower, bath, and clean towels at my place for your refreshment and comfort.

Alcohol/Smoking: I am a non-smoker, and do not drink during our time together. Of course, if you wish to partake in a light refreshment, you are absolutely welcomed to.

Longer Dates: Dates of 4 hours or longer will require time outside the room for dinner, drinks dancing whatever your heart desires. For travel dates or longer arrangements, I require 6 hours of sleep time & 3 hrs alone time uninterrupted to handle my business affairs.

Special Requests: Got something special in mind? If there’s a specific outfit or kink which gets your heart racing, be sure to let me know and I will do my best to accommodate!

Cancellations: Sometimes, the unexpected happens and I understand. However, it takes a lot of time to rearrange my schedule and be perfect for you. If you wish to make changes, re-schedule or cancel our meeting, such must be done 72 hours before our appointment, or 1 weeks’ notice for travel plans. I will hold your deposit for 60 days for rescheduling, less any incurred fees. More than 2 cancellations will result in termination of communication between us and no further time will be scheduled.


One last ask: There are imposters and unorganized advertisements that provide inaccurate information or have tried to impersonate me. Please do not be confused as the only accurate information about Rachel Luv is found on my website here, and the only other online profiles I use are currently on TER, P411, and City-Source.