There is a reason that brought you here, and whatever that reason may be, I am the tempest of carnal desire who will shake up any mundane routine. Life is too short and time is all too precious, so let me indulge your fantasies…

Euphoric Trysts
Delightful entrees and intoxicating explorations of lust. A wonderful introduction to the world of Rachel Luv. 2 hours is recommended for new friends to connect intimately.

1 Hour … 500
2 Hours … 900
3 Hours … 1400
4 Hours … 2000

Sexy Slumber Party
For the connoisseur in you who likes to take it slow with an evening of uninhibited exploration…let’s make it a night to remember in each other’s arms.

Overnight (8 Hours) … 3500

Amorous Liaisons
Spirited conversation and sensual seduction over a day out or a weekend together. Show me your world…and I will show you mine.

24 Hours … 5500
48 Hours … 8000

A Grand Love Affair
For the man who can’t get enough, and take what he wants… I am yours.

7 days … 5,000
One Month … 6,000
Full Year … 80,000

Globe-Trotting Romances (aka Fly Me To You)
For the busy jet-setting executive… perhaps you seek a longer, more bespoke experience. Or perhaps you would like to whisk me away to an exotic locale. If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, I’d be delighted to meet you wherever your heart desires, through my custom FMTY arrangements. 


For all FMTY and extended bookings, a 48 hour minimum booking is required. A 50% deposit needs to be made to confirm your booking. This excludes any travel expenses (airfare, airport transfers, and accommodation). For international bookings, please provide at least one week’s notice so I may prepare for the journey ahead!


All arrangements are entered into freely, and any gratuities and fees mentioned and paid for are for my time and companionship only. No services are contracted for, nor promised. Anything that may occur is a matter of choice between consenting adults.